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Who We Are:

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They Fought We Ride is a nonprofit based out of Phoenix, AZ. Our entire organization is run by volunteers who have dedicatied their time and expertise to make this organization a success. We are passionate and devoted to supporting our veterans. 

What We Do:

Year round we raise money to support local combat veterans in Arizona. We host fun and exciting events to support our mission and better the lives of the men and women to have sacrified thier bodies for our great country. 

Why we do it:

Since September 11th 2001, when the largest terrorism attack on United States soil occurred, over 7,000 people have given the ultimate sacrifice, by giving their lives, while serving our country. That’s over 7,000 men and women that will never come home to their families; that’s over 7,000 families that will never see their loved ones again. Over 50,000 men and women have been wounded in combat. That doesn’t include the amount of people that have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or the hundreds of thousands that have Traumatic Brain Injuries.

While those of us who have never seen combat can never quite understand the devastation that these soldiers endure, we can help. We can help those who are struggling; struggling with the transition back to civilian life, struggling to live each day like it’s normal while in their minds, they know it’s not.  We can help those whose day to day struggle involves deciding whether killing themselves is going to take away the pain, mentally and physically. Help is sometimes just sharing a kind word with someone you don’t know, help is letting those who served know that we appreciate their service and support them. Help is letting them know that we are here.
Clint, Ryan, and Scott have dedicated their freetime to the Phoenix Wounded Vet Run and those who the run supports. Each member brings strong and unique talents to this nonprofit. 
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    Clint Tallmadge
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    Ryan West
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    Scott Barttolac

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